Friday, January 8, 2010

It's all about location...or is it?

Coffee shops, libraries, bedrooms, classrooms, work, lounge room, cafeterias, even parking lots and (once I pulled all all-nighter with a writing buddy) on a dock on a pond...all different places where I've written parts of my book. I'm sure that's not even the total list off all the places, in fact, I'm sure it isn't. Actually, I've written bits of my book in three different states. I'm sure that's not really incredible compared to some, but when I stop and think about all the places I've been, it seems that I've been writing something in all of them. The realization: that's kinda cool/crazy and it, really doesn't matter. I've just come to the conclusion that a lot of the times I don't want to write I make excuses for myself, particularly along the line of if only I could go to__(fill in the blank)__. I've had wonderful writing ideas and moments at all of the places. Now, my excuses won't hold up.
That said, I really do love the library where I'm currently going to school. Four floors of incredible nooks for the avid reader/writer to enjoy and mountains of books that no one person could read in a lifetime. At this moment, this library is absolutely the best one I have even had the pleasure of taking up residence. It's got newly published books to keep me updated on what's coming out at the moment, books full of research and history that I need for my college life as much as my writing life. I've been going to this library since August and I'm far from having explored it all.

By far the best thing about the entire building other than the stunning architecture is the layout design of the floors. In most of the libraries I've been in there were rows and rows of books and then one or two areas of tables to study. In this library tables break up the long rows of books and create little nooks of awesome-ness!! By far the best place for me to write is in the library in one of the many nooks I frequent and surrounded by books. Nothing inspires me more. When I have a slight stuck moment all I have to do is look up and see the books that are on the shelves. They remind me of my dreams and I can begin again. Oh, and just in case I didn't say it, there's also a coffee shop in the library. What more can I ask for? Absolutely nothing!!

I wonder if each writer has a special place that works well for them, better than anywhere else. Let me know if you have a special place.

Well, until next time, happy writing and check out! You'd be surprised what you'll find!

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Jessica said...

Little nooks of awesomeness...I love it! I've never written in a library but it sounds like bliss. :-) Right now, I just prop my laptop on my lap on the couch.

Saw you on my followers so I just wanted to pop by and say hey. :-)