Friday, September 3, 2010

Alliteration Mania!

So, I may have gotten my days a bit wacky yesterday, but I don't think it really matters that much. At least I hope I haven't completely ruined someone's life because I posted about Pixie Popcorn instead of alliteration yesterday and saved alliteration for today....No? Good.

Awesome alliteration according to is:


the commencement of two or more stressed syllables of aword group either with the same consonant sound or soundgroup (consonantal alliteration),  as in from stem to stern, or with a vowel sound that may differ from syllable to syllable (vocalic alliteration),  as in each to all. Compare consonance def. 4a .
the commencement of two or more words of a word groupwith the same letter, as in apt alliteration's artful aid.

So, silly of me to simplify such a singularly simple sample such as the one presented above but, I can't hope to hold a humble hand to the time honored J.R.R. Tolkein when he happens to heap such heavenly samples within my happy head.

Below is a batch from Bilbo Baggins' creator:
Prologue of The Hobbit:
"Hobbits were divided into three breeds: Harfoots, Stoors, and Fallohides. The Harfoots were browner of skin, and smaller and shorter, and they were beardless, bootless; their hands and feet were neat and nimble, and they prefered highlands and hillsides."
The Hobbit Chapter 2:
Somewhere behind the grey clouds of the sun must have gone down, for it began to get dark as they went down into the deep valley with a river at the bottom. Wind got up, and willows along its banks bent and sighed."

Whilst I whimsically wish I could create such a craft as his, I am more than merry to leave it to the masters. I was first fascinated by Tolkien's fantasticly lined lyrics when I learned of them from a favorite teacher. So enthralled was I, that these energizing examples of alliteration always asked to be included in my own fun, fantasy writing.  So, thanks goes to a fabulously fantastic teacher. Who knew fun could be found in such simple silly things.

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Summer Ross said...

This was so much fun. I'm not very good at these though...hmmm It's wonderfully wild you would post an exciting example of fun. :) thanks for posting this is hard LOL

Renae said...

These are fun! I'm not very good at them either though. I love that you used The Hobbit. Great post!

Amie B said...

i try to choose character names with alliteration.

thanks to you for purposefully posting such wonderful words!

Carolyn V. said...

Wow, that was great. I'm afraid I'm also not good at them.

Jen said...

I'm not excellent at alliterations but I did really enjoy this contest!! I love that you used The Hobbit. This was super fun :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! It was very helpful, and it helped me finish my assignment! Thanks again!