Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crazy Word Count Update

Can you tell I'm running out of ways to say I am updating my word count? Well, I am. Suggestions would of course be welcome. :)

Stats for yesterday:

23,656+ words left
-6,186 words written yesterday!!!!! (Did you read that part? Go back and read it again! 6,186 WORDS!
17,470 words to go!

I can do this....I can!
Just so you know (and just so I can write it out, because that makes it seem so much more real) I wrote 530 more words than I needed to! 

So goal for today:
4,000 words to write
I just want to add in one more thing. Last week was Patti's blogfest about writing as much as we thought we could in a week. Clearly I was not trying hard enough. Not that I would be willing to write so much all the time because this has seriously CONSUMED my life, but I am thinking about what this means for my future writing practices. Any comments? I'd love to hear them in the comments!


Catherine Denton said...

**clapping loudly** You're inspiring me.

The Blogger Girlz said...

YAY! Congrats on the big awesome word count! YOU CAN DO THIS! As for me, I'm not so sure... I'm now 10 days behind in my writing 25,000-50,000 words by Halloween goal and I'm not sure what I should do! :( I have an old project that's calling my name that's actually close to being finished, but at the same time, I don't want to flake out on this current project even though it's starting to get boring. UGH, I'm so torn! Any advice?

Feel free to reply with a comment or e-mail me!

<3 Ella

Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo! You can do it! 4,000 is a great goal. I hope you reach it today! =D

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay, Bethany! Way to go! Keep tapping away at those keys, girl. You CAN do it!!!!!! :-)

Amalia T. said...

WOW! Congratulations! We never know what we can do until we try! Keep on keeping on and good luck making it to the finish line! with 6000+ word days, I don't think you'll have any trouble :)

David P. King said...

Ah! A fellow aspiring author AND a word count fanatic. Pleased to have come across your blog. I wish you the best as you actively pursuit your goals.

Meredith said...

Wow! That's awesome! Good luck with all the word count goals--you're so inspiring!

Lola Sharp said...

WooHoo!✩☆✩ 6,000+words in a day is an awesome accomplishment. Especially when flanked by several days of 3-4,000+ days in a row.

It's kind of a rush, isn't it? It feels hardcore. But after a while I hit burnout when I go at it like that for too long. And then when I get out of my cave, it's like whoa! real people and sunshine on my skin. Weird.

Good luck on hitting your goal! I'm cheering for you!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

WTG, Bethany! You are doing great! Keep up the good work...