Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Library Literature: Reveal and Snippet

Last week I started this Library Literature post thing (go here to get more info) and for those of you who don't know, basically I'm reading a book a week and halfway through the book, or there abouts, I will post a 15 word snippet on it and give the book a thumbs up, down, or sideways. The following I post the reveal, aka what I thought of it, and a snippet to the book I'm reading this week. So, here we go:

Book up for Reveal:
Title: Beautiful Creatures
Authors: Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl
Dark. Yet with some light. A girl. What the heck? IT'S HER! Aww, they're talking. 
Snippet Rating: THUMBS UP! I could not wait to finish this book!

THUMBS still waaaaay UP!!! Loved the ending, loved the book. I just thought it was wonderful. I really can't wait to get the next in the series Beautiful Darkness which comes out in just a few days!!! This has potential to go into the THE BOOK category for me. See this post for an explanation of what THE BOOK means. I'm waiting until the sequel comes out for a final call. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would totally recommend to all. 
P.S. the MC is a boy and I love that. It's very refreshing. 

Book up for Snippet:
Title: The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Author: Carrie Ryan
Currently on page: 74

Girl who wants freedom. Light: gone forevermore. Ocean, hope of what could be...or not.

Thumbs sideways. I really like the writing quality of this book, but I'm not completely hooked on the story. It kind of makes me down and depressed because the main character does not have much choice or hope in her future. I really can't wait to see how this novel turns out though. I'm excited to find out!!!

So, what about you? Have you read anything fantastic lately? Any recommendations? Have you read the two books I mentioned? Let me know what you think in the comments!


Amie B said...

i'll have to check out Beautiful Creatures - it sounds sooo good!

as for The Forest of Hands and Teeth, as well as its companion book The Dead Tossed Waves - both are two of my favorite books OF. ALL. TIME. loved the writing. loved the darkness of the story. i loved it, ilovedit, ILOVEDIT!!!

Quinn said...

Both of these books are on my TBR list. I can't wait to read them.

By the way, you said to "see this post" for an explanation of why you like Beautiful Creatures, but there's no link.

Patti said...

I've read both of these books. Loved Beautiful Creatures. I'll tell you what I thought of FOHAF after you've read it.

Carolyn V. said...

Ooooo, I really want to read Beautiful Creatures. I'm so glad it was good even at the end.

Susan R. Mills said...

Both on my list, but I must get to the Hunger Games series first! :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I'm just getting ready to read Reckless, the new book by Cornelia Funke. Soooo excited! :-)