Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BLOCK PARTY! Why I Think Bloggers Are the New Booksellers

It's a week long BLOCK PARTY at the Ink Slinger's blog this week! Super exciting!

Today's post comes from author, Holly Schindler at Novel Anecdotes. She is awesome so go here to read her post at the Ink Slinger's and go here to follow her.

What's she talking about?
The role of bloggers in the book industry.  How much inflewence do we have? Where are readers getting their reviews from?

Awesome, right? Go check it out. Your life will be utterly incomplete if you don't.*

*Only you can judge the complete or incompleteness of your life. The writer of this blog is not stalking you in any way to prove or disprove value of your life....well, probably not anyway.

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Carolyn V said...

Sounds interesting. I'm on my way!