Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Critique Partner, EMERY LORD, has an AGENT!!!!!

That's right people of the world. The lovely and awesome Emery Lord has landed herself an agent (Taylor Martindale). I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Emery just a couple days ago. So, hot off this keyboard it comes to you.

1. If there is one thing you want to get accomplished as a writer, what is it?  
On a read-to-read basis: to have the reader to identify with a character or feel like they know them, enough to want to spend some time with them. Sure, I have other career benchmarks I'd like to hit, but mostly I just want people to feel at home in my world for a few hours. 

2. Name something you'd die without....dun, dun, duuuun.
Coffee, laughter, my girl friends, books, online shopping. (I know. That was five. I am the Charles Dickens of questionnaire responses.)

3. Who is your agent and how did you manage to snare her?

Haha* "Snare" sounds like I tricked her into signing me. Maybe I did... :) Anyway, my agent is Taylor Martindale, and I contacted her the old-fashioned way: research agents till nearly cross-eyed, draft many iterations of a query and have critique partners massacre each version until one is passable, click send. 

Emery and Winston Churchill (aka the cutest dog on Earth).
4. Who/what is most helpful in the writing process
a. the future hubbs  b. Winston (dog)   
c. the cat(Hazel)  d. an unknown party/thing

Definitely Choice A. I'm kind of a hot mess- in writing and life- and he holds together all my crazy pieces. Winston Churchill is only good for falling asleep on me, and Hazel is, if anything, counterproductive to my writing process. She tries to nap on my desk chair, sulks when I move her, and shoots me judge-y glares while I'm trying to write.

5. If people want to check out more of your awesomeness where should they go? - or ...I really don't know about awesomeness though ;) It's mostly just me blabbering on about writing and pretty shoes and television. 

Don't let her fool ya ladies and gents, she's full of awesome. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have an agent. Go follow her and tweet her something nice...something about shoes...or maybe cute puppies...or maybe even, I don't know? 


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Wow, so many CPs are landing agents and book deals these days.

Good luck, Emery, with submissions. I have friends there right now. Querying is going to seem so easy in comparison. Submissions is the biggest roller coaster you will ever have been on. :P

But at least you're that far. It's an amazing place to be.

Sophia Richardson said...

I'm with Stina, it seems like blogland is bursting with good news of late. Congrats, Emery!
- Sophia.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Woo-hooo!!! Major, chocolate-covered congrats to Emery!! :-)

emery said...

thanks everyone and thanks bethany! :)